Haiyan Wang

Room 512, Department of Electrical Engineering
The City College of New York, Convent Avenue at 140th Street, New York, NY 10031 


E-mail: hwang005@citymail.cuny.edu.cn


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  • 1. “Effects of organic solvents on morphologies and related photoluminescence and catalysis properties of  ZnO nanostructures”, submitted to Powder Diffraction.

       Haiyan Wang, Ce Liang, Ke Bi, Kai Huang, Sen Lin, Yinxiao Du, Dongyu Fan, H. Yang,                   Yonggang Wang, Ming Lei.


  •  2.  “Microwave bandpass filter based on Mie-resonance extraordinary transmission”, accepted by PLOS ONE, 2016.

       Xiaolong Pan, Haiyan Wang, Dezhao Zhang, Shuang Xun, Mengzhu Ouyang, Shanguo                  Huang, Ke Bi, Ming Lei.


  •  3. “One-Step Synthesis of Trirutile Oxides  ZnBi2O6-GrapheneOxide with Enhanced          Photocatalytic Activity”, accepted by Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,                2016.

       Hao Wang, Haiyan Wang, Xihang Song, Kai Huang, Ce Liang, Wenjun Wang, Qingxin Yuan,          Kun Xu, Yinxiao Du, Jun Liu, Ru Zhang, Yonggang Wang, and Ming Lei.


  • 4.“Synthesis of hollow porous  ZnCo2O4  microspheres as high-performance oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst”, accepted by International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016.

       HaoWang, Xinhang Song, Haiyan Wang, KeBi, CeLiang, SenLin, RuZhang, Yinxiao Du, Jun            Liu, Dongyu Fan, Yonggang Wang, Ming Lei.


 1.  The influence of various structures of products materials on                 photocatalytic activity, BUPT


​         Jan. 2016-Present

         Advisor: Professor Ming Lei, BUPT

 2.   Research into microwave bandpass filters based on Mie-                      resonance extraordinary transmission, BUPT


          Mar. 2016-Jul.2017

          Advisor: Professor Ming Lei, Professor Ke Bi, BUPT 

 3.   The influence of novel ZnBi2O6 -Graphene Oxide (GO)
       nano-composites on the photocatalytic activities, BUPT


           Oct. 2013-Jan. 2014

           Advisor: Professor Ming Lei, Professor Ru Zhang, BUPT 

 4.   Research into the influence of porous materials on oxygen                    reduction reaction (ORR), BUPT


          Jul.2015-Apr. 2016

          Advisor: Professor Ming Lei, BUPT

 5.   Project: Single quantum dot light source device in Institute of                Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science


          Jan. 2016-Present

          Advisor: Professor Zhichuan Niu, Institute of semiconductors, CAS                                                   



C++, Office, Origin, MATLAB, Java, AutoCAD, Python 


Artifical Intelligence, Mechine learning, Computer Vision

Materials synthesis and device fabrication techniques:

solvothermal method, hydrothermal method, electrochemical growth

Materials characterization techniques:


Computer Vision, Media lab, The City College of New York

Start from Sep. 2017

School of Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) 

Sept. 2013-Jul. 2017



President of the Student Union, BUPT 

Jul. 2014-Jul. 2015

  • Organized the Welcome Party, New Year’s Party and basketball games for BUPT students.

  •  Held the Campus Singer Competition as the General Director.  

Regional manager of 21st Century English newspaper, Beijing

Feb. 2014-Jan. 2015 

  • Led a group of twenty students to sell newspaper to the Beijing universities; successfully sold 7000 copies.

  • Trained and developed the sales force for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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